The Pricing

If you’re an epic couple that super love each other, me, and my work and think I’d be an incredible photographer for you guys but you think I might be outside of your budget, then still shoot me a message and we’ll see if we can work something out! I’m super motivated to work with epic couples!

Go check out my FAQ page after this to learn the last little bit about the process of booking me and what it’d look like to have me as your photographer!


The Great Package

6 Hours Wedding Day Coverage • 400+ Edited Photos • 1-Location Engagement Session • Print Release



The Epic Package

8 Hours Wedding Day Coverage • 1-Location Engagement Session • 600+ Edited Photos • $300 Print Credit • Print Release



TBOFMP - The Blow Our Freaking Minds Package

10 Hours Wedding Day Coverage • 2-Location Engagement Session • Bridal Session • Second Shooter • Unlimited Edited Photos • $600 Print Credit • Print Release




A bonus photographer to help me capture your day from more angles! Second shooters are awesome to have since they let us free up your schedule by eliminating the need for me to be two places at once! Also who knows what sweet thing is happening behind my back while I'm photographing you?? They do, that's who. Adding a second shooter adds at least 200 photos to your completed gallery and will make your wedding day run so much smoother!


I'll come to you! I've had weddings in Charleston, St. Augustine, Mexico, NYC, Birmingham, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Savannah, and a couple other places. When you have me travel for your wedding I promise you'll have the same experience as you would hiring a local! I do careful research by looking on Google Maps and asking local photographers for some awesome spots! I'll never take us on a wrong turn or down a bad street or anything - and maybe I'll even tell you a fun fact or two about the area!

Ps: lots of people say "we really want to hire someone who's worked at our venue before." And while I totally understand why that seems super important, I don't think it actually is - here's why. No two weddings are the same - at all. The only thing that's really accomplished by having someone "experienced" with your venue is they can tell guests where the bathrooms are! I almost think you'd be better off to hire someone who hasn't worked one particular venue a lot because they'll be so much more enamored with the gorgeous details you worked so hard to make happen! When you've worked one venue a ton, the things that are gorgeous and new to you can often go un-missed by the photographer. But that's just my opinion!