What’s up!! I’m Zac, and I’m maybe the most hype, constantly stoked person you’ll ever meet. My main goal in life is to put others first and build them up so they can have an epic experience. Also that word…. “epic”. I use it all the time. And if I can have a single shred of influence in how you experience your wedding day, it’s that I want you to say I made it way more epic. (ps: this photo is from my own wedding day! I gotta show off my girl)

About me

Little bit about me – I was born and raised in NW Florida and I still live here with my epic hotty wife Madison! We’ve got two dogs, a husky (sweet & crazy) and a black lab (sweet & flippin heavy). I drink monster energy drinks instead of coffee, and I love play fighting with my dogs! I love the heck out of my friends! Enneagram 3 (The Achiever – you’ll know this is true when I get your photos back to you stupid fast) and my love language is Acts of Service. God’s the most epic!

I don’t want to say what kind of couple I’d be best for….. but if I did…. That couple would love fun, care about the details, and want to look realllll good in their photos!


Meet the Team

Zac Green

How would I describe myself? Three words: hard working, alpha male, jack hammer. Merciless. Insatiable.

I am Zac and I take photos!

Madison Green

Zac's epic wife. 100HP. 10/10 second shooter, also has her own photography business (book me tho).

Also an epic singer, you've gotta hear her!

Saint & Duck

Couple of saucy dogs that love playing and RUNNING FAST. Great at singing and sleeping.




Bekah & Wes

Zac was hands down the best photographer pick for our big day! He knew exactly what was needed and made everything so much more fun/stress free! I highly recommend him.

Bailey & Alex

Where do I start? Zac deserves 6 stars out of 5! Not only was he such a fun person to be around but he has a true God-given talent for his art! He made us so comfortable that we got the BEST candids but he also was able to take control and give us pose recommendations for absolutely beautiful shots! Did I mention he also got our photos back to us 2 weeks earlier than expected?! Having Zac photograph one of the most important days in our lives was the best choice we could have made! We are in love with his work & would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to receive awesome, high-quality images from a super-friendly professional who loves his clients & his work!


FAQ About Zac



So, are you from around here?

Yeah! I grew up in Gulf Breeze, and moved to Pensacola with Madison when we got married. This is definitely home and we love it here!

How did you get into photography?

It all started in 5th grade when I got to go to space camp! My mom got me a little point and shoot for the trip. After taking photos all week a bunch of people said they were awesome!! (they probably weren't super special but I was in 5th grade sooooo not too bad man). I remember my mom specifically saying "Wow you did such a good job keeping the horizon level!" and of course I had no clue what she meant and I totally wasn't doing it on purpose but I was like "yeah your lil man is good at this!!!". That of course connected photography with praise and over the next couple years I tried to do little photo projects with various point and shoot cameras! Eventually I got my parents and brother to go in for a DSLR for me for Christmas and that's when I started taking photos of people!

What's the best whisky?